Caroline Kennedy Drops Out of Senate Seat

I’m actually very relieved that Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of the New York Senate bid.  The entire time this thing was going on I was very frustrated, and I believe many working Americans were.  It seemed to many that she was given consideration simply because of her family name.  The entire way in which she entered the political arena was completely un-democratic, it said that basically the era of the “political family” was still fully alive in an era of “change.”

I’m sure that many Americans would not have minded a Kennedy in the office in the likes of Ted or Bobby.  But someone with absolutely no experience is a drastic step backwards during a time when we need politicians with experience the most!   I know that some people think that she was a great choice, but personally I think that we need more experience and elitisim should be gone from our agenda.

As I watched Kennedy’s friends gloat about how great she would be as Senator, I kept wondering about all the people in public office who had to climb up to the top the hard way, without any connections, without any money, and without any entitlement.  I was sure that they are far better choices then someone from America’s royal family.

I don’t know much about Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, and personally I would have liked Andrew Cuomo as a Senator.  I do know that Gillibrand is not a hardcore lefty, she is definetly a conservative on some issues, especially guns — she was supported by the NRA.  This is a bit frustrating, because we are in a time of change and old-school thinking is the last thing we need.   We shall see.


~ by alexmalina on January 23, 2009.

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