Where Is Georgie?

So what is George W. Bush’s next step?

I’ve been wondering about this a lot because he intrigues me as a personality.  I was by no means a supporter of the President, but I was very intrigued by him as a person.  He was someone who had a very poor knowledge of the English language, was inarticulate, and yet he was the President of the United States.

He was never a good business, he was a failure at school and Yale, and pretty much all the things that he has put his hands to have failed.  I mean, come on look at this horrible economy.

So what is he going to do next? What field is he going to fail in next?  As a man I hope that he won’t fail at anything, but I’m seriously curious about what he will be doing.  I have read somewhere that he plans to write his memoirs.  I am pretty sure he isn’t going to write them himself, he’ll probably have Karl Rove do it for him.

I know he’ll probably be biking a lot, clearing the brush, chopping wood, driving around in a pick-up truck, and laughing it up with his cronies who don’ t know any better.   I wonder if anyone is ever going to go after him for all the crimes that he committed.

This is a great book on the subject.


~ by alexmalina on January 27, 2009.

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