St. Antony Monastery in Pictures

The Monastery of Saint Anthony is a Coptic Orthodox monastery located in an oasis in the Eastern Desert, hidden deep in the Red Sea mountains. It is located 155 km (100 miles) southeast of Cairo. It is the oldest inhabited Christian monastery in the world.

The monastery was built around 356 on the burial site of Saint Anthony. Little is known about its earliest history. During the sixth and seventh centuries, many monks from the monasteries of Scetes went to the monastery of Saint Anthony, in order to escape the frequent attacks by the Bedouins and Berbers. The monastery itself was plundered a number of times by the Bedouins of the Eastern Desert, who partly destroyed it in the 11th century. It flourished between the 12th and 15th centuries, but was plundered again in 1454 by the Bedouins. In response to these attacks, a fortress-like structure was built around the monastery for its protection.

Road leading to the monastery

Road leading to Saint Antony’s cave

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~ by alexmalina on February 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “St. Antony Monastery in Pictures”

  1. Beautiful pictures! It’s too bad there’s no pictures of the monks though, or of how they live their life.

    I added you to my blogroll and suscribed to your blog, I’ve been to it enough times that I figured I might as well 😛

  2. Dear Doulos,

    Thank you for your warm comments. What is your blog? I would love to see it. I will find photographs of monks for you from St. Antony’s.

    Warm regards

  3. You can read my blog at

    Hope there’s something I’ve posted there worth reading!

    IC | XC
    NI | KA

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