The Island (Ostrov) – Russian Orthodox Ascetic Monk Movie (Full Film)

This is a beautiful and thoughtful film about an ascetic Russian monk. Amazing!  IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES!

Somewhere in Northern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives an unusual man whose bizarre conduct confuses his fellow monks, while others who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future.

Writer: Dmitry Sobolev
Director: Pavel Lungin
Pavel Lungin — main producer
Sergei Shumakov — main producer
Olga Vasilieva — producer
Stage-manager: Andrei Zhegalov
Artistic Directors: Igor Kotsarev, Alexander Tolkachev
Composer: Vladimir Martynov
Sound: Stefan Albine, Vladimir Litrovnik
Montage: Albina Antipenko
Costumes: Ekaterina Dyminskaya

Pyotr Mamonov — father Anatoly
Viktor Sukhorukov — father Filaret
Dmitry Dyuzhev — father Iov (Job)
Yuriy Kuznetsov — Tikhon
Viktoriya Isakova — Nastya
Nina Usatova — widow
Jana Esipovich — young woman
Olga Demidova — woman with child
Timofei Tribuntzev — young Anatoly
Aleksei Zelensky — young Tikhon
Grisha Stepunov — child
Sergei Burunov — adjutant

2006 — best film at the Moscow Premiere festival.
2007 — Six awards at the fifth national Golden Eagle Awards – “Best film”, “Best male support role” (Viktor Suhorukov), “Best male role” (Petr Mamonov), “Best director” (Pavel Lungin), “Best scenario” (Dmitry Sobolev), “Best operator work” (Andrei Zhegalov).
2007 – Nika Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, etc.

© Pavel Lungin Studio, 2006.
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