Extreme Pilgrim – Ascetic Christianity (Full Program), Featuring Father Lazarus, Coptic Monk

After a thorough search of the internet, I ended up on Blip.tv, where after searching for Extreme Pilgrim I found the entire video!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1771145&dest=-1]


Pete travels to the Egyptian desert to follow in the footsteps of the Christian hermit and founder of monasticism St Anthony. His trek to the desert culminates in a long spell alone in a cave in the wilderness.


~ by alexmalina on February 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Extreme Pilgrim – Ascetic Christianity (Full Program), Featuring Father Lazarus, Coptic Monk”

  1. I am watching this, he seems a bit of a dilettante wanker, sort of touching on everything, but not committing to any, could be just me, but interesting enough thanks for putting it up :}

  2. thanks so much for making the video available. I lost my copy, or more likely lent it! and was desperate to get access again as I am preparing a retreat on Desert wisdom and wanted to use it to stimulate thinking and discussion. Bless you in your searching….

  3. How you can call a man that undergoes such bravey a dilettante wanker, is saddening. I think commiting to 3 weeks isolation in a country that is not your own and facing your own inner distractions and truths requires much bravery-even more to have it filmed.

    The apprectiotion of seeing Father lazarus,the Ghecko and even the flies should make us all think about what we have in our material worlds and what we could do without.

    Thank you.

  4. To call the man a “dilettante wanker” is highly offensive and it doesn’t fit in with the spirituality of what we are watching. The greatest thing about the Desert Fathers was that they tried to practice charity.

  5. congratulations for this work. i am interesting to write to pite for e-mail.

  6. I wouldn’t call him a “dilettante wanker” but he is a typical example of two types: The floundering Episcopal clergy –including making the case for clerical celibacy by his divorce and, according to many surveys, thereby emotionally destroying his children for life. He should live a life of penance in the desert in repentence. That noone mentioned that the idea of asceticism is not just to fight inner and outer demons, but also to have an experiance of the Living God and possible in spirit to be lifted up as was St. Paul. He seems to have missed the whole mystical experience side of the desert.

  7. Thanks so much for finding a video and putting it up! I’ve been trying to find places online to watch Extreme Pilgrim all over the place… Peter Owen Jones is a very interesting person to watch, indeed.

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